International Journal of Law, Media and Social Sciences having ISSN (2790-976X) Published by Future Research For Excellence

It is a clear accessible and arbitrator journal published by Future Research for Excellence . The main ambition of IJLMSS is to give a creative platform for International scholars. IJLMSS plans to built up the integrative studies in law, media and social sciences.

Note: The journal accepts article submissions by E-mail: editor@ijlmss.com

Subject Areas 
  • • International law
    • Business law & Ethics
    • Constitutional law
    • Media law
    • Cross-culture studies
    • Social welfare
    • Social Sciences 
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Anthropology
    • Political sciences
    • Socio-economic studies
    • Communication studies
    • Media literacy and education
    • Media history
    • Media economics
    • Feminist media studies

Scholars and professionals Researcher’s are invited to contribute their Research Work and experience. It is the Focused Journal on
“Law & Media With Some Specific Social Sceicnes Subjects” published by the “Future Research For Excellence” (FRE). FRE publishes only original research papers, research notes, and reviews.All manuscripts undergo strict double-blind peer reviews from Qualitative Aspetcs.

IJLMSS policy is to continue to play a special and Concistatnt role in presenting Scholars research work in all fields of knowledge that are likely to have a significant impact on Law, Media and Social Sciences aspects. The Editorial Board is committed to raise the standard of the Journal to a leading international journal In these focus Fields.

Aims and Objective
The Future Research For Excellence (FRE) was established in 2021 and Will be the one of the most prestigious societies. As a society, its main aim is to promote Law, Media & Social Sciences as a tool of scientific research useful in all areas of research. The IJLMSS provides an intellectual platform for international scholars and promotes interdisciplinary research. The main objectives of the FRE are given below.

1) Will Promote and Encourage Law and Media research and advance knowledge and understanding of Social Sciences On Focused Subjects
2) Support Students, teachers, and researchers in their areas of research

Future Research For Excellence (FRE)